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Warrior Mindset

A young entrepreneur and US Navy SEAL come together to deconstruct the mindset and habits of elite athletes, military leaders, and prominent masterminds in the game of life. Join Dannie and Brad as they question the status quo, breakdown current events and seek personal growth in every episode. 

Dec 11, 2018

Canine Tactical’s second layer certification (Morton/Method) concept evolved from my experiences as the first NSWGRP 2 K9 operator, experienced in high stress and high-risk situations: It is important to have a canine with a mindset to work due to the Hunt as opposed to the Reward; It is important that the canine focuses on each task as it intertwines into another; It is important for handlers to be able to make quick decisions under pressure while stressed and/or tired while maintaining control of their canine. This certification takes the equipment out of the scenario allowing the true essence of the canine’s reaction to the bite.

This certification takes place in an area not known or familiar to the handler or to the canine, and the suspect used is also not familiar to the canine. This second layer certification takes the control out of the environment (where anything goes) and the true points of performance are graded which sets the foundation for real world deployments.

The podcast starts at 4:22


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